COVID-19 guidelines

COVID-19 guidelines

Lifting of the measures in the COVID-19 Special Situation Ordinance

Since Mid-February 2022, the Federal Council has decided that all measures in the COVID-19 Special Situation Ordinance, will be lifted. So there will be:

  • NO masks in shops and in indoor areas of restaurants and of establishments, businesses and events open to the public required
  • NO masks on public transport required
  • NO access restrictions by means of certificates (3G, 2G and 2G+ rule) to facilities and businesses such as cinemas, theatres and indoor areas of restaurants, as well as at events
  • NO restrictions on private meetings

Due to this new development, there will be no COVID-19 access restriction for attending this event. Nevertheless, we recommend that you wear a FFP2 mask or a medical mask throughout the event.

We will closely monitor the development of the pandemic situation and regularly update the website with information for the participants.

General information

All information on the current situation on COVID-19 in Switzerland can be found here. All current measures and information concerning COVID-19 in Switzerland, you will find on the website by the Federal Council here.

Information for participants from abroad

Currently there is no test or quarantine requirement at present for entering Switzerland. Additionally, no entry (passenger locator) form is required to fill in. Just to make sure, please check, what special rules apply on entering Switzerland from your country, please visit the Entering Switzerland.

(Status, 17.02.2022)

For questions

In case of questions, please contact the AMR Conference organization team at:
Phone: +49 30 264 921 55 or email:!