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Differential robustness as a system’s biology target enables innovative antimicrobials overcoming at least many known resistance mechanisms

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ATG:biosynthetics GmbH

AM Vaccination:
PepID – Bioinformatics for the Development of Immune Diagnostics and Vaccines: Combining Comparative Genomics and Computational Analyses of Pathogen Genomes with High Density Peptide Micro Arrays (HDPMA) and Expressed Epitope – Imophores

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Clemedi AG

Tuberculini: combining targeted sequencing and machine learning to optimize antibiotic therapy in tuberculosis patients

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Fraunhofer ITEM

Pseudomonas aeruginosa flagellin and UGP determine bacterial virulence and host immune response in an ex vivo model of lung infection

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HYpharm GmbH

Pre-clinical development of HY-133, a bacteriophage derived drug for the specific eradication of S. aureus in the nose

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