French biotech Mutabilis announces collaboration with Roche

French biotech Mutabilis announces collaboration with Roche

  • 02/02/2022

Mutabilis, based in Romainville, France, announced that it has closed the deal on a Research Collaboration and License Agreement with Roche on its 2G-Dabocins program. Having wide-ranging experience in the development of novel non-beta-lactam PBP-targeting antibacterial drugs, (‘Dabocins’), the collaboration sets forth to find effective treatments against the most threatening Gram-negative bacterial infections. Displaying stability against beta-lactamase hydrolysis, Dabocins could even open the gates to the discovery of a new family of antibiotics.

Mutabilis will push all activities until entry into GLP toxicity studies, where collaboration partner Roche would then take over all further research activities. The ultimate goal is to develop and commercialize a new antibiotic to treat multidrug-resistant infections.

“The collaboration with Roche is a great achievement for the Mutabilis team. It emphasizes the potential of Dabocins to play a key role to circumvent Gram-negative bacterial infections,” said Wandrille Ract-Madoux, CEO of Mutabilis. ”We are very confident that by joining forces with Roche, we will contribute to developing novel antibiotics, resetting the clock on antimicrobial resistance.”

James H. Sabry, Ph.D., Global Head of Pharma Partnering at Roche, said, “The new partnership with Mutabilis underlines our strong commitment to the development of new therapies and diagnostics to combat infectious diseases. We look very much forward to working with Mutabilis towards a new Platinum Age of antibiotics where new classes of antibiotics will be available for patients in need.”

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