New €19m JPIAMR call now open

New €19m JPIAMR call now open

  • 19/01/2022

Within the framework of the ERA-NET JPIAMR-ACTION, JPIAMR (Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance) is launching an international call for projects with the title Disrupting drug resistance using innovative design. The call involves 27 funding organisations from 18 countries and has a total estimated budget of nearly 19 million Euro.

The call will focus on action against the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance. As existing antimicrobials lose their effectiveness, innovation into the antibiotics R&D pipeline is urgently needed. The call is dedicated to ameliorating treatment of both bacterial and fungal infections and to the prevention of the emergence and spread of resistance in humans, animals or plants.  Improvements should target the efficacy, specificity, delivery, combination and repurposing of drugs and plant protection agents.

ERA-NET JPIAMR-ACTION aims to establish new and reinforce existing collaborations between a multitude of research partners from different research areas and different countries.

Call topics:

Proposals should focus on licenced antimicrobial agents (antibiotics/antifungals) or agents under pre-clinical and/or early clinical development, and should address at least one of the following topics:

  • Improvement of drug/plant protection agent efficacy and/or specificity through chemical modifications (including hit to lead optimisation)
  • Drug/plant protection agent repurposing;
  • Optimisation of drug/plant protection agent combinations, alone or with adjunct therapies (including therapeutic vaccines);
  • Design and implementation of new strategies (including optimisation of drug doses) for improved application, efficacy and delivery of single or combinations of antimicrobials;
  • Design and implementation of innovative tools, including novel chemistry and/or new materials for improved application, efficacy and delivery of antimicrobials.

Proposals can focus on one or more of the three “One-Health” settings, namely:

  • Human Health, and/or
  • Animal Health (including wildlife, livestock, fishes, and companion animals), and/or
  • Plants (including trees and crops)

The following sub-topics are out of scope of the call:

  • Antiviral and antiparasitic agents
  • Discovery and/or screening of new compounds, new vaccines and/or new targets

Proposals solely aiming to develop new diagnostics or new companion diagnostics (companion diagnostics in evaluation of the antimicrobials can be examined but they should not be the main topic of the proposal.)

Participation of end-users, stakeholders and companies is encouraged.

Find out more details on the call and how to apply: