WHO publishes TPPs for needed antibacterial agents

WHO publishes TPPs for needed antibacterial agents

  • 02/09/2019

The WHO has developed several draft target products profiles (TPPs) and is seeking feedback from AMR stakeholders until 29th September 2019. 

The global increase in antimicrobial resistance is limiting available treatment options for many bacterial infections, and the current clinical pipeline for new antibacterial agents is not sufficient to cover future public health needs. The WHO is therefore developing target products profiles (TPPs) for needed antibacterial agents, providing the public health perspective to funders and developers on the performance and operational characteristics desired of new needed therapeutic products.

The WHO has developed the following draft target products profiles (TPPs):

  • Draft TPP for empiric therapy of neonatal sepsis in high resistance settings/ Draft TPP for targeted therapy for MDR Gram-negative neonatal sepsis
  • Draft TPP for therapy of diagnosed uncomplicated gonorrhea
  • Draft TPP for therapy of uncomplicated typhoid fever
  • Draft TPP for oral therapy of acute UTI 

The draft TPPs are now out for public consultation, during which WHO seeks feedback from a broad range of stakeholder until 29 September.