Claus Stie Kallesøe

Claus Stie Kallesøe

CEO and Co-Founder, grit42

After working 15 years in the Danish pharmaceutical industry, as well as serving on the boards of both the Pistoia Alliance and the Elixir Industry Advisory Committee, Claus co-founded grit42 in 2014, with three other colleagues from Lundbeck. Since grit42 has successfully designed, developed, and deployed software management and analysis tools within the global pre-clinical drug discovery sector, with a strong focus on AMR.

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Capture and COMBINE your AMR data the clever way

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By integrating digital laboratory infrastructure with user-friendly day-to-day lab workflows, as well as handling compound and sample logistics, grit42 offers an intuitive way to get structured quality data across all the different pre-clinical drug discovery phases. The built-in FAIR-ification of all data captured, is especially helpful in our work with Fraunhofer on creating an AMR reference database, as part of the data management backbone of multiple IMI projects.