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In its 2017 European One Health Action Plan against AMR, the European Commission included a chapter dedicated to boosting research, development and innovation which cites the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) as one of the tools to be used to address AMR. IMI launched the AMR Accelerator programme in 2019 as part of IMI2 – Call 15 and 16. The goal of the AMR Accelerator is to progress the development of new medicines to treat or even prevent resistant bacterial infections in Europe and worldwide. The AMR Accelerator comprises three pillars: A Capability Building Network (the COMBINE project) will coordinate the programme and carry out research to strengthen the scientific basis in the AMR field, while the Tuberculosis Drug Development Network (the ERA4TB project) will work to accelerate the discovery of new combinations of drugs to treat TB. Finally, Portfolio Building Networks (the RespiriTB, RespiriNTM, TRIC-TB, GNA NOW and AB-Direct projects) will support collaborative efforts to discover, develop and advance new and innovative agents to prevent or treat AMR.


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Call for preclinical and clinical data sets from the study of prevention or treatment of bacterial infections

Improving the success of R&D efforts in the fight against AMR is one of the long-term goals of COMBINE. To this end, the consortium calls upon the AMR community to share data from studies of prevention or treatment of bacterial infections.

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Prof. Dr. Anders Karlén, Uppsala University

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