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Focus area/active in: Animal Health, One Health, Diagnostics, Therapeutics

Company/Organisation type: Industry

The Swiss based Bachem Group is a public, innovation-driven company specializing in the development and manufacturing of pepTides and oligonucleoTides. As a full service provider Bachem offers products for clinical development and commercial applications as well as a comprehensive catalog and exclusive custom synthesis. With 50 years of experience and subsidiaries in Switzerland, the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan, Bachem is the partner of choice for the biotech and pharma industry worldwide. Bachem. Leading Partner in Tides.


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Our peptide chemists can prepare compounds according to your specifications in any scale you need - from milligram to kilogram and ton quantities. We are experts in producing fluorescently labeled peptides, peptides with multiple disulfide bridges, peptides containing stable isotopes, and long and difficult peptides. Other specialties include multi-step organic transformations and peptidomimetic molecules. If you need a custom peptide, please challenge us with your ideas and take advantage of our expertise.

Cost-efficient and green manufacturing of peptides thanks to Molecular Hiving technology™

Bachem and Jitsubo CO., LTD. recently announced the signature of an exclusive Licensing Agreement for Jitsubo’s Molecular HivingTM technology. Under the License agreement, Jitsubo will develop selected manufacturing processes using their Molecular HivingTM technology and transfer these processes to Bachem. Bachem will further optimize, scale up and produce for commercial applications.

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Name: Dr. Stefanie Dobitz 
Position: Group Leader Custom Synthesis
Institution: Bachem

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