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BEAM Alliance:
One voice for European SMEs working in the AMR space.

Focus area/active in: Therapeutics

Company/Organisation type: Association; Cluster; Network

The BEAM Alliance is uniting European Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) working in the field of AMR and gives its members a unique voice to propose and support policies and incentives that enable much needed progress in the discovery and development of novel antimicrobials products in Europe. The landscape has been slowly evolving and there have been notable advances over the past year, such as the actions of the UK and Swedish governments to introduce a subscription model to support AMR products. In the US, the legislative work led by the Senate (DISARM Act) together with the reimbursement reform proposed by CMS are also encouraging measures to mitigate the current market failure. Still, 2019 witnessed the failure of 2 flagships and pioneers of the AMR Innovation engine (Achaogen and Melinta), demonstrating that market entry is no guarantee of commercial success and company survival. 

More than ever, the BEAM Alliance is encouraging policy makers to undertake the structural and legislative reforms needed to revitalise the AMR market before the whole fabric of innovation unravels.

A better demonstration of AMR products’ utility

The AMR product pipeline contains many products with innovative properties whose performance cannot be properly evaluated in clinical settings due to a lack of validated criteria. The BEAM Alliance has proposed a new way to categorize AMR products according to their action against the different steps of the infectious cycle (please visit our website for more details) and is now interacting with regulatory bodies to define supporting evaluation criteria. 

A better investment profile supporting R&D activities

Private investors are more than ever deserting the AMR field and SMEs struggle to find the necessary funding to support their innovative R&D work. Government and ‘Push’ funding support is essential to sustain the innovation ecosystem as long as market conditions have not improved. Grants or loans are effective vehicles to decrease the level of required private investment along product development steps while prizes may offer preliminary return on investment. The BEAM Alliance is engaging with national and international funding bodies to highlight the key features for SME-compatible public funding vehicles and prizes.  Additionally, BEAM is contributing to the IMI2 AMR Accelerator to favour increased participation of SMEs in the calls for proposals. 

A better market value and traction for AMR products

Analysing the market launch of recent AMR products demonstrates the difficulties in balancing commercial launch expenses with meagre sales revenues. The price-volume equation is ineffective and alternative approaches such as financial incentives and regulatory reforms (e.g., in product valuation, pricing and reimbursement) are needed to guarantee a minimal commercial footprint. The BEAM Alliance is engaging with European and national bodies and initiatives (e.g. JAMRAI Joint Action) to help design policies that ensure sufficient attractiveness for drug developers while protecting health systems from undue financial impact.  

A better management of patient care

Empiric, uninformed use of broad-spectrum antimicrobials increases the chance of raising resistance and is not delivering the most appropriate treatment to the patient. Rapid diagnostic solutions should be more routinely used to inform on antimicrobial prescribing. However, a complex mix of social, economic and political reasons hamper the routine use of available diagnostic tests and the development of new ones. The BEAM Alliance defends the critical role of diagnostic tests and their necessary early integration to ensure appropriate patient care. We facilitate engagement allowing our members to contribute to the work of diagnostic think-tanks such as the IMI2 VALUE-DX project.

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