Global AMR R&D Hub

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Global AMR R&D Hub


Focus area/active in: Therapeutics, Human Health, Animal Health, One Health

Company/Organisation type: Government | Development Agency | Public organisation

Initiated by G20, the Global AMR R&D Hub was launched in 2018 to address challenges and improve collaboration in global AMR R&D using a One Health approach. It is a global partnership currently consisting of 17 countries, the European Commission, two philanthropic foundations (Wellcome and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) and four observers (FAO, WHO, OIE, OECD). The Global AMR R&D Hub collects and presents information on AMR R&D investments, products, and market interventions. This information is intended for countries, foundations, organisations and initiatives to help set priorities and maximise the impact of resources invested in R&D to mitigate the AMR threat.

The Global AMR R&D Hub will present, for the first time, its Incentives Gallery of the Dynamic Dashboard at the 4th AMR Conference. The Incentives Gallery provides a snapshot of incentives implemented around the world, and across the value-chain, to support and increase the flow of both old and new antibiotics to all who need them.


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