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Focus area/active in: Animal Health | One Health | Therapeutics | Diagnostics

Company/Organisation type: Association | Cluster | Network

The research association InfectControl unites partners from industry, science and society at five central locations in Germany. Together they develop new strategies to combat infectious diseases. The research projects of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research-funded consortium transcend the boundaries of traditional disciplines and consistently take a one-health approach to infectious diseases. 

The researchers focus on the following areas: agriculture and veterinary medicine, mobility, climate and infrastructure, medical research and care, as well as the public and patients. InfectControl consistently follows the One Health approach as the health of humans, animals and the environment are directly linked. Markers and new diagnostic tools are developed within InfectControl to identify for example zoonotic diseases or mycotic resistance to diagnose such diseases faster and by this combat them efficiently. 

InfectControl combines human and veterinary medicine with architecture, climate research, communication science and many other disciplines. New building standards for hospitals and livestock farming as well as infection-preventative patient rooms are developed and help to combat infectious diseases by using efficient architecture designed to reduce infections. Within the consortium new vaccines against respiratory and systemic infections in humans and pigs and a new antibiotic against tuberculosis are being developed. To combat infectious diseases, it is particularly important to question existing patterns of behavior, particularly in the area of antibiotic use. Educating the public and patients is therefore a central component of InfectControl. We create and design information brochures for patients, podcasts for animal farmers and an app for general practitioners to increase the correct use of antibiotics. 

Additionally, in Thuringia a vaccination information campaign was implemented. Half of the InfectControl partners are companies. With a strong network between the scientific community and industrial partners, it is possible to quickly transfer findings from infection research into applications.


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“With our research we wish to address unresolved medical needs in the context of antimicrobial resistance. The dramatic rise of infections associated with multidrug resistance calls for significant global R&D efforts to develop a diverse portfolio of drugs with mechanistically distinct action. This is not only a scientific, but a global socioeconomic challenge. Since antibiotics development is not lucrative, publicly funded R&D programs are likely to be of growing importance in the future. We are currently developing a new antibiotic against multi-resistant tuberculosis. This endeavor has only been facilitated by considerable public funding, particularly through InfectControl.”
Dr. Florian Kloß
Head of Transfer Group Anti-infectives at Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology Hans Knöll Institute (Leibniz-HKI)

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The YouTube channel of InfectControl presents short films from the consortium. The films introduce selected projects in more detail as for example the development of a new tuberculosis antibiotic or the construction of an infection-preventative patient room for hospitals. Furthermore, a film made for pupils explains the emergence of antimicrobial resistances and advice on simple measures to slow down this process. In interviews with experts from the consortiums topics relevant to the general public are explained and illustrated as for example the emergence and transmission of antimicrobial resistances in waste water. The films are only available in German.

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