Leibniz Health Technologies

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Leibniz Health Technologies

Focus area/active in: Human Health, Therapeutics

Company/Organisation type: Association | Cluster | Network

Providing technological solutions for unmet medical needs − this is the main focus of the 16 members of the interdisciplinary research alliance Leibniz Health Technologies. To battle antimicrobial resistances, 14 Leibniz institutes and 2 spin-off companies are cooperating in developing e.g. the “RamanBioAssay”, a photonics-based test to determine the efficacy of antibiotics (MIC) in less than 4 hours. The alliance is also inventing therapeutic devices based on cold atmospheric plasma, which is a suitable technology for deactivating various types of microorganisms, including multi-resistant bacteria such as MRSA.

Website: https://www.leibniz-healthtech.de/en/

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