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Leibniz Health Technologies


Focus area/active in: One Health | Therapeutics | Diagnostics

Company/Organisation type: Association | Cluster | Network

Valuable and affordable medical care is an important challenge for society, especially in view of an ageing population. Health Technologies is the main focus of the Leibniz Research Alliance “Leibniz Health Technologies”. 

The alliance carefully develops innovative procedures that aid early disease detection, better control the effects of therapy and can easily be adapted to individual patients. These procedures improve treatment methods while minimizing their negative impact on patients. Telemedical and improved imaging examination methods as well as the development of rapid testing designed for mobile use, also play an important role. Medical professionals, scientists and engineers work together intensively to ensure that the technical solutions adequately address the medical problems. Social scientists investigate questions of marketability and how society will respond to newly developed products. 

Added value of the research alliance are:

  • early involvement of important stakeholders in health care
  • fast translation: from basic research to commercial application by industrial partners
  • focus on high benefit for the users
  • approval of the general public -> accompanying research assessing social and economic consequences

Our Areas of Competence:

  • Point-of-Care Technologies – Reliable diagnosis in a few minutes
  • Imaging Methods – Fast detection and precise disease control
  • Biomarkers – Objective parameters for successful individualized therapy
  • Plasma Medicine – Preventive care und personalized medical treatment
  • Bioactive Materials – Functional materials for modern health technologies

Website: www.leibniz-healthtech.de

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Dr. Jens Hellwage
Managing Director
Leibniz Health Technologies

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