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PerioTrap Pharmaceuticals GmbH


Focus area/active in: Animal Health | Therapeutics

Company/Organisation type: SME

PerioTrap develops an innovative anti-infective drug for the selective treatment of periodontitis, an inflammatory gum disease caused by specific bacteria. Although this being a common indication associated with a range of comorbidities currently concerning around 30% of the global population, there is no effective treatment on the market yet. Moreover, the most relevant therapy option to date is a painful procedure consisting of the manual removal of plaque within the dental pockets followed by cleansing using either antiseptic solutions or the administration of broad spectrum antibiotics. This however leads to various side effects. Besides the potential development of antimicrobial resistances, the current treatment also results in the destruction of the protective biofilm which usually functions as a natural protective layer. Therefore, PerioTrap develops locally applied small molecule drugs that address a new target, which is only present within the pathogenic bacteria, but will not affect commensals. Thus, pathogens within the biological flora of the dental pocket will be selectively removed without affecting the protective biofilm. Furthermore, a local long-term release of our formulation will maintain its physiological function by preventing a pathogenic recolonization of the dental pockets which typically causes the reoccurrence of periodontitis. Accordingly, PerioTrap aims to eradicate the root of the disease and to ultimately restore patient confidence.

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