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Swiss Biotech Association


Focus area/active in: One Health | Therapeutics

Company/Organisation type: Association | Cluster | Network

The Swiss Biotech Association is a non-profit, member-driven organization representing the interests of the Swiss biotech industry. Swiss biotech companies are leading the way in developing and commercializing innovative medicines, diagnostics, 
 healthcare treatments, services and enabling technologies. Our core objective is to ensure that the value generated by the Swiss biotech industry continues to grow and that the industry contributes to the well-being of the socio-economic ecosystem thereby enabling Switzerland to be a key player at the forefront of bioscience innovation.

To this end, the Swiss Biotech Association is dedicated to supporting Swiss biotech companies through the following:

Developing favorable and competitive framework conditions

  • Creating awareness of the biotech industry’s needs and interests with policy makers
  • Advocating a competitive tax system alongside lean and pragmatic regulations
  • Fostering life science education, technology transfer and intellectual property

Attracting talent, know-how and financial resources to drive innovation and growth

  • Promoting and facilitating access to funding opportunities
  • Connecting investors and attractive biotech investment opportunities
  • Facilitating access to national and international talent

Fostering networking through strategic, national and international partnerships

  • Connecting industry stakeholders and life science clusters
  • Organizing and co-promoting national and international life science events
  • Providing access to privileged information through industry platforms and working groups

Promoting the accomplishments of the Swiss biotech industry

  • Disseminating the value-creation of Swiss biotech companies
  • Visualizing the diversity and competitiveness of Swiss biotech companies
  • Presenting innovative products and technologies and their contribution to quality of life



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The Swiss Biotech Association is the central resource for the Swiss biotech industry.

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