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Focus area/active in: Human Health, One Health, Therapeutics, Diagnostics

Company/Organisation type: Foundation


Wellcome wants to transform the world’s approach towards stemming the rise and spread of drug-resistant infections.

Antibiotics are a vital part of modern medicine but their overuse and inappropriate use in humans and animals has caused one of the most urgent global health problems.

This is a problem we can solve. But without action, it will become more and more difficult for doctors to treat common illnesses such as urinary infections, sexually transmitted infections and blood poisoning, or to safely carry out medical procedures like caesareans, organ transplants and chemotherapy.

Wellcome aims to achieve the following in this area: 

  • help the world fulfil the commitments made in the UN resolution on drug-resistant infections by sustaining and coordinating global action
  • speed up development and delivery of new or improved antibiotic treatments and diagnostics
  • help shape national and global strategies for tackling drug-resistant infections by generating and supporting the use of robust evidence
  • accelerate the clinical assessment of new or improved drugs through expanded clinical trials networks.

Website: https://wellcome.ac.uk

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