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Cellexus International Ltd

Focus area/active in: Human Health, Animal Health, Therapeutics, Diagnostics

Company/Organisation type: Industry

Cellexus research, develop and manufacture the CellMaker range of revolutionary single-use, airlift bioreactor systems and related technology. We enable our customers to accelerate their processes and increase their yields when compared to standard methods. The most innovative airlift technology on the market, the CellMaker systems are available in 8L and 50L, with optional pH and DO sensors, to enhance process control and maximise yields. The CellMaker range is designed to be versatile and has been proven in a wide range of cell lines for fermentation applications used in the life sciences and biopharmaceutical industries.

Website: www.cellexus.com

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The CellMaker system has allowed us to grow in scale and to achieve higher productivity. Instead of scaling “out” by using several flasks, we can combine it all in one bag inside the bioreactor. In the 8L bioreactor we can easily get between 3 and 8 litres of phage lysate, and in the 50L bioreactor somewhere between 10 and 50 litres in one go, and with higher phage concentration per unit of volume. The CellMaker was the most cost-effective option on the market for a single-use system with temperature control. It is one of the least expensive I have heard about, and this goes for the bioreactor bags as well. When you balance the cost-benefit, the CellMaker is a good option for phage biotechs.
Dr. Manuel Garrido
Production Specialist, TechnoPhage

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