iiCON: Infection Innovation Consortium

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iiCON: Infection Innovation Consortium

Focus area/active in: Human Health, One Health, Therapeutics, Diagnostics

Company/Organisation type: Association | Cluster | Network

iiCON is a global collaborative infectious disease R&D programme. Founded in 2020 with government funding provided through UKRI’s Strength in Places Fund, the £174 million programme brings together industry, academia, & the NHS in a concerted effort to combat the growing global threat posed by infectious diseases & save lives through collaborative innovation. Led by Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, our consortium partners Unilever, Liverpool University Hospitals Foundation Trust, University of Liverpool, Evotec, & Infex Therapeutics are working on innovative & ambitious programmes across iiCON’s ten specialist research platforms.

Website: https://www.infectioninnovation.com/

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iiCON is designed to facilitate, nurture, and accelerate innovation.

iiCON proactively identifies and engages with the most innovative companies working in the sector globally. We forge long-term collaborative relationships with organisations and facilitate impactful partnerships. This accelerates and enables innovative research and product development – fast-tracking the next generation of game-changing new products to patients and communities. If you’re interested in working with our specialist research partners to progress a product or treatment, or if you’d like to learn more about how we work – please get in touch with our dedicated Business Development team to find out more.
"Our goal is to revitalise the global pipeline of new drugs, diagnostics, vaccines, and preventative products for infectious diseases. "iiCON removes barriers to market by providing companies access to world-leading research expertise, market intelligence, and cutting-edge facilities. This helps companies progress pioneering treatments and products to market more quickly, safely, and affordably. "We work with companies of all sizes, at all stages of the innovation journey – from very early-stage conceptual work, through to clinical trials, manufacturing, and market positioning."
Professor Janet Hemingway
Director, iiCON

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Business Development Manager

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