Ares Genetics advances AI-powered antibiotic resistance test

Ares Genetics advances AI-powered antibiotic resistance test

  • 08/01/2019

Curetis’ subsidiary Ares Genetics advances AI-powered antibiotic resistance test within a new project co-funded by Vienna Business Agency.

Curetis N.V., a developer of next-level molecular diagnostic solutions, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Ares Genetics GmbH received funding from the Vienna Business Agency (Vienna, Austria) for the development of a prototype solution for the rapid, Next-Generation Sequencing-based diagnosis of pathogens and associated antibiotic resistances for patients suffering from severe infections. The total volume of the 2.5-year TRIPLE-A (Assay Development and Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose Antibiotic Resistant Infections) development project amounts to EUR 1.3 million. Vienna Business Agency is already supporting the ARES&CO Pharma Partnering Program of Ares Genetics, under which the Company recently partnered with Sandoz for the development of a digital anti-infectives platform.

Ares Genetics seeks to address the AMR challenge with a disruptive approach based on high-resolution Next Generation Sequencing (“NGS”) technology in combination with a proprietary, artificial intelligence (“AI”) curated genetic pathogen and antibiotic resistance (“AMR”) reference database, ARESdb, for result interpretation. To this end, the Company in September 2018 has initiated the development of the ARESupa Universal Pathogenome Assay, a single diagnostic test designed to detect any pathogen and associated drug resistances from any native patient sample. As engineering and in-silico assay design further advanced since September 2018, the TRIPLE-A project funded by the Vienna Business Agency now aims to develop a laboratory prototype of ARESupa. Therefore, Ares Genetics is currently setting up ARESlab, a dedicated R&D and diagnostic service laboratory in Vienna, Austria, for in-house test development and initial commercialization in Europe. 

Ares Genetics will take part in this years AMR conference in Berlin, presenting in session 2 “Non-traditional Approaches and Enabling Technologies”. 

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