CARB-X celebrates success in Europe

CARB-X celebrates success in Europe

  • 20/08/2021

CARB-X is organizing a webinar to celebrate its European projects and funding partners which have supported the initiative over the past five years.

Antibiotic-resistance undermines the safety net for modern medicine. Chemotherapy, surgeries, transplantation, childbirth – all of these and more depend on antibiotics to treat infection. At least 700,000 people die each year due to antibiotic-resistant (AMR) infections, according to a recent WHO report. A recent Lancet publication from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) estimates that approximately 33,000 deaths in the EU each year can be attributed to AMR, and an Organization of Economic Cooperation & Development OECD report calculates about 1.1 billion Euros are required for the health care systems of EU/EEA countries to address AMR.

CARB-X and its partners are taking action. CARB-X has funded 92 projects in 12 countries totaling more than $360 million since it launched in 2016. In Europe, the support of Wellcome Trust, the German Ministry of Health and Education, and the UK Global AMR Innovation Fund was critical to this progress over the past five years. Today, the CARB-X portfolio is the world’s largest and most scientifically diverse antibacterial R&D portfolio. 

Please join us for a virtual discussion of the critical role that CARB-X and its global partners play in driving the development of innovative products to address the antibiotic-resistant bacteria health crisis. CARB-X Executive Director Kevin Outterson will highlight achievements, especially in Europe, and speak to CARB-X’s future vision and strategy. European-based funders of CARB-X will outline their objectives and strategy in preparedness and how CARB-X delivery over 2016-2021 has met some of these goals. Several European product developers in the current CARB-X portfolio will speak about their innovative products and their experience working with CARB-X. A panel of experts will discuss antibiotics as the safety net for modern medicine and the challenges of bringing innovative products to patients in Europe.

The event will take place on 22 Oct from 3:30pm to 4:30pm CEST.

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