CARB-X launches new Funding Rounds

CARB-X launches new Funding Rounds

  • 02/05/2019

In late April, CARB-X announced its 2019 rounds of funding to support the development of antibiotics, vaccines, biotherapeutics, diagnostics and other life-saving products to address the rising threat of drug-resistant bacteria.

There are four funding rounds representing CARB-X’s most ambitious call for proposals from product developers seeking financial, scientific and business support to accelerate the development of innovative products targeting the most dangerous superbugs.

Each of the four rounds has a specific scope and application period.

  • Non-traditional approaches: Funding Round 1 will be open for Expressions of Interest June 3 – June 10, 2019, 5 PM ET. The scope of Round 1 is restricted to non-traditional approaches – alternatives to antibiotics – including, for example, indirect-acting small molecule therapeutics, direct acting or indirect-acting large molecules, microbiome, phage, nucleic acid/antisense, and drug conjugates
  • Vaccines and biotherapeutics: Funding Round 2 will be open for Expressions of Interest July 8 – July 15, 2019, 5 PM ET. The scope of Round 2 is restricted to vaccines, therapeutic and preventative antibodies/fragments, and other large molecule biotherapeutic approaches
  • Diagnostics: Funding Round 3 will be open for Expressions of Interest August 12 – August 19, 2019, 5 PM ET. The scope of Round 3 is restricted to diagnostics that will rapidly identify either the bacterial species or antibiotic susceptibility, or both.
  • Direct-acting small molecule antibiotics: Funding Round 4 will open for Expressions of Interest November 12 – November 19, 2019, 5 PM ET. The scope of Round 4 is restricted to new classes of antibiotics and/or new targets for therapeutics.

“CARB-X is funding and providing support to researchers worldwide to accelerate the development of life-saving products in the fight against superbugs. The scope of each funding cycle meets a critical and urgent need to address the rising global threat of drug-resistant bacteria,” said Kevin Outterson, Executive Director of CARB-X and professor at Boston University School of Law.

“Our goal is to select the best, most innovative projects that have the potential to prevent, diagnose and treat drug-resistant infections that are killing hundreds of thousands of people each year worldwide. We plan to grow the portfolio through these funding rounds and expand the number of different approaches to increase the chances of delivering urgently-needed medicines and diagnostics to patients.”

CARB-X focuses on high priority drug-resistant bacteria, primarily Gram-negatives, and supports projects in early development. For antibiotics, for example, CARB-X supports projects in phases from hit-to-lead through Phase 1. The goal is to support projects through early development phases so that they will attract additional private or public support for clinical development.

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