Update on WHO pipeline report available

Update on WHO pipeline report available

  • 15/04/2021

The WHO has published their updated analysis for the clinical and preclinical antibacterial product pipeline in 2020.

The review addresses antibacterial drug candidates against drug-resistant bacteria included in the WHO Bacterial Priority Pathogens List and Clostridioides difficile. Its conclusion is clear: “Overall, the clinical pipeline and recently approved antibiotics are insufficient to tackle the challenge of increasing emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance.”

The clinical pipeline part of the report assesses antibacterial drug candidates in clinical development stages worldwide, including direct-acting small molecules, biological agents, and for the first time non-traditional antibacterial medicines. In addition, the 2020 clinical pipeline review includes an extended account on traditional candidates in Phase 3 of clinical development, highlighting their potential clinical utility. 

The second part of the report focuses on candidates in preclinical development worldwide. It covers direct-acting small molecules, biological agents, vaccines, and non-traditional medicines in preclinical development. This report is part of the WHO’s efforts to prioritize and coordinate global research and development (R&D) efforts to address the discovery void in antibacterial drug development.

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